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Direct Hire

Cybersecurity Direct Hiring at Covenant

Covenant Technologies is committed to providing various solutions for companies when recruiting, hiring, and retaining cybersecurity and IT employees, including direct hire and other tools for hiring in hard-to-fill cybersecurity and IT  positions.

We recruit experts only through top-level recruiters at the forefront of cybersecurity IT technology with integrated skills and knowledge. We source the sharpest candidates, coordinate interviews, and offer go-between negotiations, so you get the right experts for your teams.

Cybersecurity & IT Jobs

Contact Covenant for your cybersecurity and IT hiring needs. 

Levels of Hiring

Cybersecurity and IT talent are needed at all levels. Whether it’s entry-level, intermediate, or specialist level, let Covenant Technologies find the right talent for your organization.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Benefit of Direct Hiring with Covenant Technologies

Larger Candidate Pool

Our recruiters have a large network of qualified candidates that we can instantly tap into when filling job positions. This gives Covenant recruiters a much better candidate base to work with compared to an internal HR Department.

Faster Placement

When working with Covenant Technologies, direct hiring occurs quickly. By diving into our large talent pool, recruiters can start selecting qualified top talent right away. This means there’s no losing time on advertising the position and waiting for resumes to be submitted.

Less Risk

We offer a 120-day guarantee for our direct hire placements, so there is little risk if the new hire doesn’t work out. Covenant offers a 120-day guarantee when invoices are paid within ten days of an employee’s start date. This means, if there is a separation of employment within the first 120 days, Covenant guarantees their best efforts to find a replacement of the same position at no cost to you. At Covenant, we mean what we say.

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Stable Work Environment

A direct hire is instantly added to the company and into the existing workplace culture, and they have a better sense of stability. Most of the temporary employees know that eventually, their contract will end, but that’s not the case with direct hire employees. They are more likely to feel loyalty, exceed expectations, and work hard to make a difference in the company.

Benefits Make a Difference

The company’s benefits packages are a major attraction to potential candidates. Covenant highlights all of the amazing resources a company has to offer, thus, helping Covenant find high-quality talent that fits our client’s needs.

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Recruiting the Best Talent to Protect Businesses Data

Covenant Technologies finds and recruits the best in cybersecurity and IT. Our knowledge, experience, and reputation speak for themselves. When you have cubersecurity and IT employment needs, call Covenant and let us take care of it for you.

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