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What Our Clients Are Saying

Building a Company with Caring Staff

Kudos to you as you are building a company with caring staff which is not common in the industry.


Wonderful to Work With

Orhan reached out to me about a position with Munich Re (Hartford Steam Boiler). He has been wonderful to work with. He is delightful, and has done a good job following up to ensure the meeting information is confined and is clear.

Information Security Officer

Covenant Understands the Needs of Our Team

It was great to catch up with Sal and meet Stacy. They did a great job asking the right questions to understand the needs of our team. Not all contracting companies do this, and it makes a big difference. Additionally, as someone that recently went through an imposter situation with a new hire, it was great to hear about the contractor verification process. Unfortunately, as this practice becomes more common place the verification is going to be more and more important. Looking forward to seeing the candidates.

Product Owner – Manager

I love Covenant Technologies

I love Covenant Technologies and the people you have on your team!!

AWS Admin/Analyst

Incredibly Positive Experience

I had an incredibly positive experience working with Sal and his team at Covenant Technologies, who were thoroughly professional & proactive. Sal quickly reviewed my resume and gave me very useful feedback to make a few seemingly minor but high-impact changes. It took just a couple of short calls to understand my requirements for a role and find the right fit.

I highly recommend Sal & the Covenant Technologies team and wish them the very best!

Regional Delivery Head

Managed Services

Covenant stands out in its approach to recruiting

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Matt Pettinato and Casey Marquette CISSP, CRISC of Covenant and I couldn't be more impressed by these guys! Covenant stands out in its approach to recruiting. They take the time to understand and appreciate potential candidates' unique career paths and transferable skills and how they align with a role in the security industry. If you're searching for a recruiting company that thinks outside the box, I recommend giving Covenant a chance. You can thank me later!


They Care About You As A Person

My experience with Covenant Technologies has been outstanding. They treat you how you would want to be treated. There is certainly great communication. They even reach out with status updates when there is no true update to give so that you aren’t left wondering. They show integrity by doing what they say they will do and with a sense of urgency. It is clear that there is a team there that respects when team members aren’t available and that nothing gets dropped in the hiring process.

They care about you as a person in that you are not just a number to them and the expectation is that you become a long-term colleague. Thank you Stacy and Casey for doing such a great job and I would be happy to refer others to Covenant Technologies for opportunities.


Genuine care and commitment

Special thanks to Casey and Matt who have guided us through the process in such a dedicated and professional manner, leading us through every step of the way with their genuine care and commitment.


Impressed with Candidates

The teams have been impressed with the candidates thus far, and your organization’s ability to take our real-time feedback and adjust the candidate pipeline. I also appreciate the ease in which we’ve been able to onboard you as a vendor in our systems

Chief Risk Officer

A Passion for Delivery and Excellence

I'm very excited to see where you go with this venture. When I read you were starting up your own firm, I thought "There goes the industry being turned on its head!" Your passion for delivery and excellence are going to make this thing big.