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What Our Clients Are Saying

Impressed with Candidates

The teams have been impressed with the candidates thus far, and your organization’s ability to take our real-time feedback and adjust the candidate pipeline. I also appreciate the ease in which we’ve been able to onboard you as a vendor in our systems

Chief Risk Officer

A Passion for Delivery and Excellence

I'm very excited to see where you go with this venture. When I read you were starting up your own firm, I thought "There goes the industry being turned on its head!" Your passion for delivery and excellence are going to make this thing big.


A Leader in the Industry

With your Cyber Security and leadership background, no doubt your company will be successful and be a leader in the industry.

Cybersecurity Director

Innovative Products and Solutions

You are leading as always and giving creative, innovative products, solutions, and services to the Business.

Supply Chain Management Leader


I just wanted to say the recruiter notes with the letter grades and detail are AMAZING! Thank you so much for making this process so easy and responding to every request we had so timely and efficiently. This has become a custom-made experience for us, and it is much appreciated and very valuable.

HR Manager

Wonderful Experience

You all really rolled out the red carpet and made this a wonderful experience.

HR Manager

A Collaborative Approach

We have shifted away from other vendors, and we are now solely using Covenant. The others were not responsive, and they were ill-prepared. You have set the bar high with the whole scorecard and collaborative approach. Also, the pace at which you bring in candidates is a differentiator and better than your competitors. In this market, you must move and be decisive. Whatever you are doing, it is working.

Chief Information Security Officer