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 The Job You Have Been Waiting For

Are you looking for a new career or your ‘forever’ job? You have come to the right place! 

When you trust the Covenant family, you become a part of something special. We believe in living and breathing our values of quality, accountability, transparency, honesty, and fairness. At Covenant, we excel at finding and placing the best talent in cybersecurity and IT there is to find.

What Sets Covenant Apart From Other Cybersecurity Firms

We believe in being the only choice for all of the cybersecurity & IT needs of our clients, but we can’t do that without being able to connect them with the talented people they need to succeed. Covenant is a firm that ensures cybersecurity and IT is baked into its DNA. Our management team brings with them years of experience at the forefront of the cybersecurity and IT industry. Our team of experts are tops in their field and are committed to ensuring their knowledge is passed on to anyone willing to learn. They are on a mission to help connect Covenant’s clients with people like you, so stop dreaming and contact Covenant today!

What Our Candidates Are Saying

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Why Covenant?

It’s simple. No one has been closer to the challenge of finding talent than Casey and Sal. They have sat in their client’s seats and experienced the very challenge of internal recruiting and being unable to find good talent for two primary reasons:

  1. Internal recruiting departments are understaffed. Cybersecurity and IT recruiting may not be their top priority.
  2. Internal recruiting departments must cover many different domains. It is impossible for them to be an expert in every domain. Would you have a primary care physician perform your heart surgery?

Covenant’s leadership is recognized for being industry insiders who bring decades of experience along with the guidance you need to reach the levels of success you deserve. We know we are only successful when we find and connect the right people for the job with the right company. We aren’t committed to our individual success. We know Covenant will only succeed when our client's succeed, and they can’t do that without being connected to the top talent in the industry.  Consider finding your’ forever’ job today! Check out the opportunities available with Covenant’s clients today

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