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Looking to improve your staffing and recruiting efforts? Covenant Technologies can help! We are a staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in providing companies with the top talent in the industry. Whether you’re looking for employees with specific skillsets or simply needing assistance in identifying qualified candidates, we can help.

We understand that the success of your company depends on having a strong team in place. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business and what you’re looking for in potential employees. We then source and screen candidates accordingly, so you can be confident that you’re only considering the most qualified individuals.

Choosing Covenant Technologies as your staffing and recruiting partner will save you time and money while ensuring that you have a high-performing team in place. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level!

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With Casey Marquette at the forefront of Covenant Technologies, our team is the sure winner in the cybersecurity world. He is the premier leader and expert in cyber information and security, with over twenty years of proven leadership success. Covenant only recruits the best. If this sounds like you, check out our current opportunities at Covenant or submit your resume for future consideration.

With our highly experienced team, we are at the forefront of cybersecurity. Covenant delivers the best of knowledge, skills, ability, and work ethics. We understand that for you to succeed, you need proper support, guidance, mentoring, and freedom to run your projects. At Covenant, you get all of these things and more!

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Teamwork makes the dream work is our real heartfelt sentiment with our covenanted commitment to you. Our dream team brings your cybersecurity dreams to reality and safeguards your digital business from cyber criminals. Our team fights for you so you can rest well at night, with the sure knowledge that your investment is tightly secured and growing according to plan.

Meet our Founder - Casey Marquette

Casey is an accomplished executive leader and information & cybersecurity expert. With 15+ years of leadership success, Casey brings a knack for building and maturing global security programs. He is known for his leadership in solving security challenges, ability to create expert security strategies, and aptitude for mobilizing teams to lead organizational and operational change. Casey has experience working in various types of organizations, including Fortune 50 and Fortune 200 companies.

Casey doesn’t just live and breathe the values of Covenant at work. You’ll find the values of quality, accountability, transparency, honesty, and fairness permeate through everything we do and say at Covenant. These values are the backbone of Covenant and are at the heart of the company.

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