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Cybersecurity Contract Service

At Covenant, we stand behind our knowledge, borne from years of experience in the cybersecurity and IT trenches. Covenant Technologies is the only answer you need for your cybersecurity and IT staffing needs.

When it comes to finding the right talent, there is no end to the things you must do. Call Covenant instead and let us take care of your recruitment and staffing needs.  We have the people, the talent, the experience, and the drive.

Benefits of Using Independent Contractors

There are several advantages to using independent contractors rather than employees.

Money Savings – Even though most employers pay contractors more per hour than they would pay employees to do the same work, it usually ends up costing employers more to hire employees. When you hire an employee, you will have to pay a number of expenses that you don’t have to pay for contractors, including employer-provided benefits, office space, and equipment. You will also have to make required payments and contributions on behalf of your employees, including:

  • Employee’s Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • State unemployment compensation insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance.

Altogether, these expenses typically increase your payroll costs by 20% to 30% — or more.

You have staffing flexibility. Working with contractors allows employers greater leeway in hiring and letting go of workers, which can be especially advantageous for employers with fluctuating workloads. You can hire a contractor for a specific task or project. You won’t have to face the trauma, expense, and potential legal trouble that can accompany firings and layoffs.

Contractors bring specialized expertise to the job eliminating the time and cost of training.

You reduce your exposure to lawsuits. Employees have a wide array of rights under state and federal laws — and, therefore, a variety of legal claims they can potentially bring against their employers for violating those rights. Because contractors are independent businesspeople, they are not protected by many of these laws.

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Why become a contractor?

Time off

As a contractor, you may decide to work 6 months out of the year yet make more money than as a full-time employee. This provides you with the flexibility to work the months you want to work.

You can choose projects

As a  contractor, you can choose the projects you accept as well as the companies you work for. This means you can also gain experience across multiple industries or find a specific niche within your own skill set as you seek contract work.

You can earn a higher hourly wage

Contractors often earn a higher hourly wage than full-time employees due to a lack of benefits and shorter employment terms. Contractors also offer their specialized abilities to fill a need in an organization.

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