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Covenant Technologies Contractors to Hire

Hiring contractors take the workload off in-house staff! It’s a cost-effective partnership. 

We value our contract-to-hire program that provides the highest caliber of cybersecurity and IT professionals to companies for hire. Is the in-house workload too much for you? 

Companies and Contractors

At Covenant Technologies, we understand the challenges CEOs and hiring managers face financially while navigating talent needs. To manage the operational budget,  safeguard the company’s sensitive data, and adequately staff for IT and cybersecurity, there is a need for contractors in the workplace. Understanding your challenges, we are proud to partner with organizations to help manage and stabilize budgets through contract-to-hire.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Why become a contractor?

Time off

As a contractor, you may decide to work 6 months out of the year yet make more money than as a full-time employee. This provides you with the flexibility to work the months you want to work.

You can choose projects

As a  contractor, you can choose the projects you accept as well as the companies you work for. This means you can also gain experience across multiple industries or find a specific niche within your own skill set as you seek contract work.

You can earn a higher hourly wage

Contractors often earn a higher hourly wage than full-time employees due to a lack of benefits and shorter employment terms. Contractors also offer their specialized abilities to fill a need in an organization.

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With Covenant Technologies, the process to find a contractor for hire is considerably easier.

We do all the work for you after processing your needs and goals. We are the cybersecurity and IT hiring  experts. Tell us about your needs and let us help you through contract to  hire.

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