Covenent Cares Team Photo

Florida-based Covenant Technologies, A leading information technology (IT) and cyber security staffing firm, raised over $20,000 for Hurricane Ian first responders in Lee County

December 6, 2022


FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – (December 6, 2022) –  Covenant Technologies, a premiere staffing and recruitment firm in the cybersecurity and IT sector, raised $21,480 for first responders in Lee County, Florida.

Covenent Cares Team Photo
In the picture from left to right are: Janet Dart, Tim Merchant, Linda Marquette, Dave Contarino, Barri Cote, Bob Ashworth, Tina Ashworth, Stacy Wilkins, Melinda Lemke, Allison Chappelle, Maria Kagin, Elton Morrison, Casey Marquette, Brandy Michele, Sal Trovato, and Joey Trovato.

The fundraising drive is a part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to provide a portion of profits to an exemplary community organization, charity or individual needing support. The monies were gifted through the Lee County Sheriff’s charitable organization, Home Front Heroes, to 20 sheriff deputies, who were financially impacted by the storm. The luncheon event took place at the Sheriff’s office last month.

“We are devoted Floridians at Covenant Technologies, and when we saw the devastation Ian inflicted, we knew we needed to come together as a team and do something,” said Casey Marquette, CEO of Covenant Technologies. “Our friends, families and neighbors were all impacted. As we all stood in the wreckage, we noticed police officers rescuing homeowners, sandbagging our coasts and handing out supplies. It was not lost on my team, that as these brave heroes helped our community piece itself back together, they also were suffering from the storm’s impact. We worked with the Lee County Sheriff’s office to identify 20 deserving first responders and it’s our sincere hope that this small gesture helps their families and recognizes their heroism.”

He added, “In addition to our mission to redefine the cybersecurity and IT staffing experience, Covenant Technologies is a company with a heart. This tremendously profound experience inspired us to form a charitable arm, Covenant Cares. This way, when our company succeeds, we are sharing that success with others.”

Covenant Technologies has seen its direct hire job pipeline grow 1350% from June to November this year and expects its contractor staffing business to grow exponentially in 2023.

“We are in rapid growth mode. We want to celebrate our achievements with the communities we serve. We already offer our employees VTO (volunteer time off) as a benefit, but now that we have established Covenant Cares, our growing team can help us scale our gifting and bring attention to causes they care about as well,” said Barri Cote, Marketing Director at Covenant Technologies. “The fun and bonding experience of giving back as a team was inspirational. We can’t wait to repeat it under our charitable arm, Covenant Cares. We can’t overstate how important our culture of caring is, it’s one of the primary reasons our team excels above our peers.”

“I can’t thank the people at Covenant Technologies enough for their generosity and dedication to the first responders of Southwest Florida,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno. “The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Family was not immune to the effects of Hurricane Ian but with strong community partnerships, like the one we have with Covenant Technologies, we will continue to rebuild, better than before.”

“It’s a wonderful way to end the year, as we close 2022, and look ahead to our first quarter in 2023. In addition to a tremendous swell of growth, and Fortune 100 clients who look to us to find them top cyber and IT talent, we also had the privilege of doing good work, for good people, as a team,” said Sal Trovato, Chief Operating Officer of Covenant Technologies. “Those experiences turn colleagues into friends and family.”



Covenant Technologies provides real-world solutions to a digital industry through direct-hire, contract staffing and executive placement. Its proprietary process is designed to help large global enterprises locate the best talent for their unique IT and cybersecurity needs. In a crowded staffing space, Covenant Technologies does a lot of listening. Its highly seasoned team seeks to understand a company’s culture and business outcomes for the project to best identify and vet strong candidates. Similarly, it looks at each professional it recruits, as more than a resume of skill-sets, but instead takes a holistic look at their unique career path, skills and personality. This helps to ensure a strong fit and long-term success for the professionals it places, as well as the enterprises it serves.  Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Fort Myers, Covenant works with Fortune 100 brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, Cognizant, McCormick and others. Using its guiding ethos of quality, accountability, transparency, honesty and fairness, Covenant Technologies is a leading provider of quality IT and cybersecurity staffing solutions. For more information on how we can find you the perfect professional, or how we can fast-track your IT or Cyber Security career, please visit us at: We are excited to meet you!