Covenant Technologies Begins to Announce New Partnerships handshake

Covenant Technologies Begins to Announce New Partnerships

April 1, 2024


Tampa, FL, Mar. 21, 2024Covenant Technologies was thrilled with its selection as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2023 by CIO Bulletin (October 2023). This prestigious recognition underscored Covenant Technologies’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the cybersecurity and IT industries.


CEO Casey Marquette expressed his excitement about the award, stating, “It’s such a thrill to start the first quarter of 2024 having received this recognition by CIO Bulletin. We are committed to innovation for 2024. We are doing that through important partnerships like one with The CyberNest, and an upcoming exclusive relationship with CyberTrust Network (formal announcement coming soon), which we believe will change the face of IT and Cybersecurity recruiting this year.”

Covenant Technologies excels in the cybersecurity and IT sectors, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to delivering state-of-the-art recruitment solutions rooted in extensive hands-on expertise. As cyber threats escalate, the company’s innovative methodologies and technologies are pivotal in safeguarding businesses against diverse forms of cyber-attacks by strategically placing adept candidates in roles tailored to meet the evolving security landscape.

Recruitment in these sectors poses significant challenges, but Covenant Technologies navigates through barriers to find the best talent fit for each opportunity. The Covenant team consists of highly experienced individuals who are capable of delivering exceptional results through innovative strategies.

In a recent interview with CIO Bulletin, Marquette discussed the company’s mission and operational guidelines. He emphasized Covenant Technologies’ commitment to honesty, transparency, and accountability, as well as its focus on data-driven decision-making to efficiently fulfill clients’ staffing needs.

Marquette also highlighted Covenant Technologies’ dedication to innovation, both in forging personal connections and mastering new technologies. The company’s global expansion efforts and specialized certification framework for recruiters (ISRF CS-01) further demonstrate its commitment to staying ahead of the pack in the ever-evolving cybersecurity and IT landscape.

With accolades such as being named a Top 10 Executive Recruitment Service Provider for 2023 by HR Tech Outlook magazine and achieving an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 79 – 90 over the last year, Covenant Technologies continues to solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

Looking towards the future, Covenant Technologies is poised to expand its presence both domestically and globally, while upholding its unwavering commitment to exceptional service and client satisfaction. Moreover, the company plans to integrate cutting-edge technologies to enhance client outcomes and address the growing demands within the industry.

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About Covenant Technologies:

Covenant Technologies was named one of the “50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2023” by CIO Bulletin. They are proud to be acknowledged for a commitment to innovation and excellence in the IT and cybersecurity recruitment space.

Covenant Technologies is a leading IT and cybersecurity talent acquisition and executive search firm known for its commitment to building lasting relationships with clients and candidates. With the introduction of Global IT and Cybersecurity Recruiting Services, Covenant Technologies aims to help organizations across sectors access specialized talent on an international scale, ensuring excellence and cost-effective solutions in IT and cybersecurity. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping clients navigate the evolving global talent landscape while maintaining the highest standards of excellence across sectors.

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