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Covenant Technologies Announces New ISRF Certification

June 13, 2023

TAMPA, Fla., May 30, 2023 – Covenant Technologies, a leading provider of cybersecurity and IT recruiting solutions announces the launch of its ISRF CS-01 certification. Amidst the growing demand for cybersecurity experts and the accompanying shortfall, Covenant has a proven formula for selecting the best cybersecurity and IT experts for their clients. That selection formula comes from the depth and breadth of Covenant’s knowledge in the cybersecurity industry. The revolutionary ISRF certification passes that knowledge onto IT and technical recruiters, benefitting the recruiter and their team or clients.

“As a CISO, I would strongly recommend (mandate if I had the authority) that my recruiters be certified.”

Covenant Technologies Announces New ISRF (Information Security Recruiting Framework) Certification

“We’ve discovered that the growing crisis in cybersecurity recruiting and placement isn’t coming solely from a lack of candidates. It’s driven by the lack of knowledge in selecting candidates for a given company. I experienced this first hand during my years as a CISO. Although I was receiving a high quantity of candidates, it was clear that quality was lacking,” states CEO Casey Marquette. He continues, “We provide that expertise as an executive recruiting firm to Fortune 500 companies. However, with the growing demand for cybersecurity experts in small to midsize businesses, we must create processes to educate recruiters in all organizations to fight against the ever-increasing information security war. Recruiters are on the front lines for these organizations. We believe ISRF will become a standard for ensuring IT Recruiters can find the best candidates for the job at hand.”

Board Member Marene Allison agrees, “As a CISO, the hardest part was not finding cybersecurity talent, it was ensuring that the internal recruiting staff had the needed cybersecurity knowledge to help reduce the time for a candidate to find the right job and ensure the team has the right talent.”

Covenant’s ISRF Certification ensures that IT and cybersecurity recruiters gain a specialized level of foundational knowledge that provides a pathway to success in the cybersecurity industry. Certified recruiters are more capable of forming successful connections between cybersecurity candidates and prospective employers, bridging the gap between supply and demand in this industry.

“As a CISO, I would strongly recommend (mandate if I had the authority) that my recruiters be certified as recruiting is probably a top-3 challenge for most CISOs these days,” stated one ISRF evaluator. This certification is a difference-maker.

Covenant’s Chief Operating Officer, Sal Trovato, continued, “Covenant’s founding principles are all about giving back. We’ve found a winning formula for our Fortune 500 clients regarding IT and cybersecurity recruiting. But we can’t do this alone. The need for recruiters to be capable of effectively representing the qualifications of cybersecurity professionals and prospective employers continues to grow. ISRF is part of the solution.”

The certification is now available. Click to register or find out more.

To support their goals of improving the cybersecurity recruiting landscape, Covenant recently released its eXec-Factor Community. This community is an innovative way to showcase IT and cybersecurity professionals’ top-notch qualifications, credentials, and expertise. This community is designed to shine a spotlight on the cream of the crop in the IT and cybersecurity industry; the eXec-Factor Community is an innovative tool that enables hiring managers and recruiters to identify the most highly qualified candidates for their organization quickly.

To find out more or to join as a candidate, email [email protected].

About Covenant Technologies

Cybersecurity and IT recruitment are in the DNA of Covenant Technologies and what we do. We believe in offering the best recruiting and selection process in the cybersecurity and IT field, gained from our years of extensive hands-on knowledge at the forefront of the industry. When Fortune 500 companies have cybersecurity and IT recruitment needs, our experts use their knowledge, extensive networks, and experience to help them find the talent they need and deserve. Our name, Covenant, highlights our commitment to quality, accountability, data transparency, honesty, and fairness.

CEO, Casey Marquette, was recently selected as a member of the HR Forbes Council, a group of invitation-only communities created by Forbes and its partners for executives and industry leaders in various fields; members share their expertise, collaborate on best practices, and develop new solutions to the challenges facing HR professionals today.

Covenant Technologies has also been named a Top 10 Executive Recruitment Service Provider in 2023 by HR Tech Outlook Magazine. Covenant Technologies strives to connect cyber and information technology experts with diverse industries spanning various sectors.

Press Contact: Casey Marquette, [email protected]